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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the mother who confronted some
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she's not getting the help she needs from police. it's a story you first saw on 13 action news wednesday. 13 action news anchor lesley marin shows us the surveillance video that she believes should be enough to put someone behind bars. 105625 105629 what about my family who know what i'm saying..what about protecting me frustrated and scared... nicole knoephle says she hasn't slept in days.. 10540/8 105420 my family has to daughter--sleeping tuesday night-- when a gro made it into her home.. now three days later..she says no one is behind bars...and they should be. 105359 105407 there is no question in my mind who that is and i feel like at this point there should have already been arrest made nichole believes the people live on her street.. she says she told police that... but a detective didn't start working on her case until
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even worse...when a detective did show up...they told her they'd be on vacation for the next two weeks... 105647 105656 excuse me what is me and my family suppose to do for two full weeks...we're suppose to sit here in prison and lock everything up.. 115207 115215 luckily for her it was these cameras that caught it all you can see in this surveillance video ...three men could be seen walking to her front door several times tuesday night. the neighbor who caught the whole thing...says police need to act now.. randy hagen 114856 114859 it's gonna get worse it's detective did show up to nichole's house...while we were there.. metro also told us...they need to find probable cause before taking anyone into custody. find probable cause before taking anyone into custody. but that doesn't sit right with this mom... we're learning more tonight about a vicious attack that could end up leaving a woman disfigured for life. police say this woman.. tanisha armstrong..
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the victim down. the victim told police it happened during an argument after she called armstrong 'ugly'.. causing her to snap. the victim spent months recovering in the hospital. armstrong is facing charges of attempted murder. "these things turn deadly literally in a heartbeat." chopper 13... fast and first...over the scene... after a suspect...opens fire...on a trooper! tonight...the trooper is alive... partly because of this badge! news...crime and safety expert... retired metro lieutenant randy sutton... explains...why traffic stops...are so dangerous! "they train for this one particular moment." just hours ago...that moment...becomes a reality! a trooper....pulling over...this white cadillac! "the police officer is outnumbered, there were three people in the car." as he carefully approaches--- night has fallen on boulder highway.... you can't clearly see....whose inside! "they don't know if they are criminals, they don't know if
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police say... the suspect was armed! and he he ran! the bullet...hitting the trooper's chest... but never piercing his skin! "the fact that this badge was struck by the bullet deflected it is truly a miracle." tonight... many re-tweeting...this picture of the bent-up badge! sutton says... it's the trooper's badge, vest and training... the things that allowed him to survive this nightmare scenario. "what is in the back of every police officers mind every time they make a car stop and every time they have police say... the trooper fired back at the suspect! he was shot and killed on-scene. his identity will be released once his family is identified. breaking news out of henderson-- where police have arrested two men after they rob a target pharmacy. police say the men-- one who is they stole cough syrup before taking off.. police later found the men at a nearby apartment complex.
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weapon that's the latest from the breaking news desk..back to you a surprise appearance in las vegas today from republican presidential candidate donald trump. local media.. however.. were blocked. we were only able to get this video by camping out and recording it on a cell phone. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston is here now to explain how the only thing that showed up on the radar was trump's plane. jon. ----as i told you at 5, trump people in a roundtable setting at his hotel. this came just a few hours after the culinary union had a large protest there. that would have been fun if he showed up early. ----trump didn't say much today but he did offer one comment about his standing with latinos: play sound "and uh... some of you i know, we've been doing very well and we've been doing very, very well with the latinos. we've been doing amazing and far, far greater, wouldn't you
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anyone understands." ----this, of course, is ludicrous. no reliable poll shows anything but trump getting crushed among hispanics. that's partly why he was here today. to get those numbers up. steve question: so who did he invite to this event? ----it was an eclectic group. irma aguirre, a small businessman and gop activist, and her fiancee, james campos, a lobbyist; joe hernande of a hispanic business group; and jesus marquez, who is on trump's national latino steering committee. not exactly household names in the political world, but trump needs help wherever he can find it. a c-c-s-d the
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investigation... we've been following this story for months... and today....why a recommendation from the d-a says.... the officer should be punished... for a crime he didn't commit! and while zika and west nile virus continue to make headlines... another mosquito-borne virus has resurfaced in clark county why health warning about saint louis encephalitis. and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first.
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e rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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punished. that's according to the
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contact 13 chief investigator darcy spears has been following the story since june. darcy lead: the man who used to be the one and only internal but the d.a. doesn't trust school police to do it without metro watching over them. detective christopher klemp disclosed confidential information, told another officer to lie about the source of that information and threatened to come after him if he spoke the truth about it in the future. all a undercover recording made by one of five current and former school cops who filed a complaint against klemp with the d.a. the recording was made in december, 2014 during a meeting with klemp at a local starbucks. 50:52 klemp audio: "and if something happens and i got to ia you, if you say anything about this i'm going to call you a motherf&ing liar. and i'll come at you like a whirlwind because i gotta protect myself." the d.a. calls klemp's conduct "highly concerning... especially how he so callously and repeatedly stated he would
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more than inappropriate and should not go without review and subsequent punishment." because they didn't find any criminal violations, the d.a. kicked the case back to school police for further action. metro is advising and overseeing the process, which will include a general review of the internal affairs investigative work done by the school police department. darcy stand-up: the school district says the . district's continuing investigation. when they're done, they'll determine appropriate action. in the meantime, detective klemp is still on the school police force. he's been taken out of internal affairs and now works in the department's training bureau. darcy spears, 13 action news. school police will be in the spotlight again later tonight when darcy explores claims that an officer staffing shortage for the upcoming school year compromises campus safety. that report on 13-action news
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identified the first case of...saint louis encephalitis.... here in the valley. this is the first time we've seen nearly a decade. according to the southern nevada health district...the victim is a man over the age of 50. he was treated and released from the hospital. the virus..we know... is transmitted to humans through mosquitoes! day one...of back to school is stressfull enough. but there's one concern....parents are focusing on that could make things a little more hectic! new tonight - details on the address ther a violent force of nature causes a home to literally explode. more on the one thing a family did to survive.
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flooded out the minor league baseball stadium. the game was postponed..and now players are making the best out of the situation.. taking floaties and hitting the water. right now-- the entire city is seeing flooding.. and police are urging people to
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big problem in our valley! and with an additional 2 - thousand students....heading back to school on monday... c-c-s-d has a new plan to make parents more comfortable. 13 action news reporter marti glaser explains. growing pains have plagued the clark county school district for years now. and ccsd says they are being proactive ...... melinda malone with ccsd says they are taking steps towards a more long term solution. and building more schools. 12 new schools are expected to be up and running by 2018. but for not the most favorable- there's one thing that's offering the best temporary solution. sot 135037 we have portable classrooms set up at some of our schools and i know that a lot of people don't like portables 135042 in addition to the overcrowding ...malone says while they currently have over 15hundred teachers new to the district. they still have a gap to fill- 319 teacher vacancies . she says they will be filling those positions into the school year.
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13 action news is your back-to-school station! we're amp'ing up our coverage monday... with more crews out on the you need to get your kids to school on time. that's monday on "good morning las vegas" -- starting at 4:30 a-m. and to help you get ready for the big day.... check out our back-to-school section on our website... ktnv dot com. indiana is still taking some big hits from the weather. another severe storm rolled thr morning.. downing power lines and trees including one that slammed down on someone's brand new bmw. fortunately.. the man wasn't in the car and has insurance. crews spent the day working to restore power to more than 20- thousand customers who had their electricity knocked out during the storm. in neighboring ohio.. a family is lucky to be alive after a tornado destroyed their home while they were inside. jessie logan was home with her
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weather moved in. they ran to into a bathroom to take cover.. only moments before the twister shredded their house. (jessie logan, mother) and you could hear all the cracking of the dry wall. as soon as that happened my instincts were, my arms flew out to cover the tops of the kids and then the roof got sucked off. (butted to) (john logan, father) there's just so much damage. everything is gone. (tim miller, reporter) when you look at this bathroom, knowing your family was in there. it's just unbelievable, isn't it? (john logan, father) and cuts and bruises. county leaders have since a state of emergency. the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday
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see isolated t-storms tonight on the back end of this system, primarily in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. tomorrow and thursday we'll see temps warm back to the low 100s. system will drop in from the north which will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday and saturday. the system will also drag in additional moisture back into the area which will linger through at least saturday. chances for rain with this system will start in the mountains on thursday, then come into the valley for friday
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slight. also, expect breezy winds with this system on thursday and friday. the system moves on sunday and we'll be back at 100 that day then 102 on monday and 103 tuesday with the return of sunny skies. ryaback to desk) the sugar debate is getting will bring a little cool-down back to the upper 90s on friday and saturday. the system will also drag in additional moisture back into the area which will linger
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chances will be slight. we'll be back at 100 that day the sugar debate is getting 'sugared-up' again. find out why the sugar industry is firing back at some new government guidelines.. intended to keep your children healthy. an urgent warning tonight... the common household appliance...that could suddenly catch on fire....putting your home and f and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play.
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i'm catherine cortez masto
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as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense. hood combinations. it turns out...they could...catch fire!! the company has received...five reports...of this happening! the microwaves were sold at best buy, lowes, and other home improvement stores. you can contact whirlpool....for more
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we have a consumer alert involving some children's jewelry. mars retail group... is recalling... jewelry. it may contain high levels of lead....which is toxic... if ingested by a child. it was sold at m-and-m world locations nationwide.... including the las vegas strip... and the gift shop inside...ethel- m chocolates... in henderson! the sugar association is pushing back against new guidelines from the american heart association.. and now says the debate over sugar has lot integrity. 13 action news anchor dayna roselli takes a closer look at the debate over sweets. 6:23- "we always have to eat a few along the way." everyday for breakfast... 5:51- "i want the banana." lisa bledsoe and her daughters are very particular about what they put in their smoothies... 1:17- "kale or spinach with fruits and then we just blend them up and we drink them." one ingredient they don't include? sugar. :57- "it's very important. people who know me know that i'm pretty particular about
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guidelines issued this week by the american heart association teaspoons of added suger per day. shelly summar... a nutrition expert at children's mercy hospital ... who works to prevent childhood obesity ... says the new guidelines are needed. 13:20- "when we consume excessive amounts of added sugar. it can lead to some of the diseases we hear about frequently, like heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity." standup we're not talking sugar that's found naturally in some foods... but inste found in things like candy bars... cookies... and one of the worst offenders ... soda. 18:22- "even a 12 ounce soda, just a can, is going to have 10 teaspoons of sugar." four teaspoons more than the guidelines suggest for an entire day. 6:15- "and we're gonna do some cherries." a major reason why lisa and her kids... will keep making smoothies. 2:38- "my kids don't drink pop. they probably don't know what there needs to be more
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a big name in the republican party is facing a lot of heat tonight for responding to what he called a hurtful insult. next on 13 action news live at 6:30.. the profanity-laced voicemail...from the governor of maine.... that's getting him serious backlash! the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday is now to our east, but we could still see isolated t-storms tonight on the back end of this system, primarily in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the
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hillary clinton over which one is really a bigot. but first... rain is moving into the valley.... and the threat of storms is getting greater as we move into the evening! let's get right to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield who's following it all right now. bryan? the system that brought us all the shower activity yesterday is now to our east, but we could still see isolated
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in the mountains. it looks like the best chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. now here's a look at some of the top local stories we're following. chances for storms tonight in the valley will be after 7pm. now here's a look at some of the top local stories we're top local stories we're following. parker 12:45:39- 12:46:10 take vo at 12:45:48 i'm parker collins near boulder highway and lamb all morning both of these lanes were shut down all


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